Monteverdi, sacred and profane


Wednesday 15 april - 20h30

Grand Théâtre de Provence

Sir John Eliot Gardiner is the uncontested master of baroque music, and he is back at the Easter Festival this year with a programme dedicated to Monteverdi's choral works, both sacred and pro.fane, dating from the first half of the 17th century. The British maestro's career spans five decades and the BBC praises the way his approach to Monteverdi “combines musicology, scholarship, and an uncompromising passion for the music”.

At the helm of the English Baroque Soloists, Gardiner's vivifying, mobile direction manages to capture the very essence of Monteverdi's Venetian flamboyance. From the splendour of the profane madrigal Lamento della Ninfa, to the composer's sacred testament Selva morale e spirituale, he reveals Monteverdi's exquisite blend of sound and poetry.

From €13 to €75
Premium : 105 €
  • English Baroque Soloists
    Sir John Eliot Gardiner, conductor

    Anna Dennis, Julia Doyle, Francesca Boncompagni, Silvia Frigato, Mariana Flores, sopranos
    Francesca Biliotti, Michal Czerniawski, altos
    Sean Clayton, Zachary Wilder, Peter Davoren, Gareth Treseder, tenors
    Alex Ashworth, John Taylor Ward, Gianluca Buratto, basses

    • Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)