Edition 2019



Sunday 28 april - 17h00

Grand Théâtre de Provence

This year's carte blanche sees Renaud Capuçon bring together the Easter Festival's big family; less a gathering of international artists, more an evening of music with friends, and we are lucky enough to be there.

Eleven soloists will play from the Austrian repertoire and for the most part, Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 4.  The most traditional of the romantic composer's nine opuses was not well received at first but remains immensely popular today. It has been arranged for a chamber orchestra, and loses none of its vitality and amusing verve.

  • Christiane Karg, soprano
    Renaud Capuçon, violin
    Christoph Koncz,violin
    Gérard Caussé,viola
    Victor Julien-Laferrière,cello
    Alois Posch, bass
    Magali Mosnier, flute
    Olivier Stankiewicz, oboe
    Andreas Ottensamer,clarinet
    Jérôme Ducros,piano
    Guillaume Bellom, harmonium
    Emmanuel Curt, percussion
    Florent Jodelet,percussion

    • Johann Strauss II (1825-1899)
    • Schatz-Walzer,op. 418
      Kaiser-Walzer,op. 437
    • Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)
    • Symphonie n°4