Edition 2019


NOLA RAE - Family show

Saturday 20 april - 11h00

Conservatoire Darius Milhaud

“Among the world's greatest composers, Mozart is, by far, the composer to whom the clown's red nose is the best suited.” Nola Rae, the English mime and clown, student of the great Marcel Marceau, brings the Austrian genius back to life, complete with powder, costume and wig! She retraces the stages of the divine Mozart's life with finesse and imagination: from the gifted prodigy that was presented from one court to the next, to the Viennese courtesan, to the bon vivant...

The tragic destiny of an uncommon genius is humorously dealt with in what amounts to a silent symphony.

“A history lesson that everyone can follow, an absolute theatrical gem!” (Sud-Ouest)

  • Nola Rae, mime and puppeteer
    John Mowat, stage director
    Matthew Ridout, setting, lightening
    Alannah Small, costumes