Edition 2019



Sunday 14 april - 19h00

Grand Théâtre de Provence

We've all heard Hans von Bülow's sharp comment to his rival, Giuseppe Verdi, about the Requiem, “An  opera  in  ecclesiastical  garb”. The piece was composed for a huge group of 100 instruments, 120 choir singers and soloists, and it is true to say that the Messa da Requiem does tend toward the operatic, sidestepping the Catholic church and adding colour to the voices of the soloists, but it nevertheless remains a work whose power and fervour was unprecedented in the Milanese composer's career, paying homage to the hero of Italian unity, the writer Alessandro Manzoni.

With an amazing ensemble of soloists, the Greco-Russian conductor Teodor Currentzis, a huge fan of musical romanticism, will present his emotional and vibrant vision of this Italian masterpiece, at the helm of his own orchestra, MusicAeterna.

  • MusicAeterna of Perm Opera, choir and orchestra
    Teodor Currentzis,conductor

    Zarina Abaeva
    Hermine May,mezzo-soprano
    Dmytro Popov, tenor
    Tareq Nazmi,bass

    • Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
    • Messa da Requiem